Common Questions About ARC Policies

Do smaller trees need ARC approval to be removed?
Any tree less than six inches in diameter does not need approval.  However, Hidden Hills Community Association encourages homeowners to maintain the beautiful green canopy we have, as it is one of the main attractions for this community.  We also encourage homeowners to plant trees.
If the homeowner does the tree trimming, will it require ARC approval?
The same requirements for approval apply to a homeowner trimming trees as to a contractor trimming trees.
What happens if a neighbors tree branches hang in my yard and I want to trim these branches?
Anytime a tree shares space with more than one homeowner, you should talk to your neighbor(s) and work out a mutually acceptable agreement on trimming the tree before you do anything.   When you fill out the form for ARC approval, both of you should sign it.
Does changing annuals or perennials require ARC approval?

Does adding some additional shrubs, bushes, and plants require ARC approval?
If the additional shrubs, bushes, etc. are going to make a major change in your landscape design, or if they will provide a barrier to your neighbors’ view, or will be anything other than a decorative element, then you should submit a request for ARC approval.  However, in the interests of sanity, we do not want requests submitted every time you plant a rosebush.

Does removing a section of sod and replacing with mulch require ARC approval?
Not if you are expanding an area surrounding plants or trees, but if you are changing your landscape from grass to natural, then you should submit an ARC approval with your new landscape design.
Does touch up painting require ARC approval?
Not if the same color is being applied
Does changing the color of the house trim or front door color require ARC approval?
Yes, any such change to the exterior of the home needs to be approved.  We want to ensure a consistent theme in our community in keeping with the natural ambiance of the site.
Does changing the main house color require ARC approval?

Does replacing rotten boards and repainting require ARC approval?
If the repair is a small area and the repainting matches the color of the home, then no.  If the repair is a larger area or involves changes in the types of materials or colors of paint  used, then you need to go through the approval process.

Do room additions like a screened porch require ARC approval?
Yes.  Forms will require extensive information about the materials and contractor, as well as the design.

Does replacing/updating front porches/walkways need approval?
Yes, because certain requirements for materials, construction and design must meet neighborhood guidelines.

Does adding or moving a bird bath or bench require ARC approval?
No.  At the same time, the community as a whole is not in favor of yards that are strewn with a haphazard collection of yard decorations, so we encourage you to use good design sense.
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