About the Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

Why do paint samples need to be submitted if changing the color of the home?
A word descriptive of a color can indicate an entire range of hues.  There’s also evidence that many people perceive some colors differently than others.  The paint sample helps nail down the exact shade you want to paint your house.  In Hidden Hills the approved colors are natural earth tones.
Why do the ARC forms request information on the contracator?
Holding contractors to a standard of performance and licensing requirements helps homeowners avoid costly mistakes and, again, ensures a standard of quality throughout the community.
Why are samples required for certain projects?
A sample of a material immediately communicates your request clearly and succinctly. It helps prevent misinterpretations and errors.
How do I handle emergency repairs (tree fell on house)?
Call or email the ARC Committee chairman, or if he’s not available, another board member. Obviously, emergency repairs can’t wait for the formal process to complete, but you’ll need approval before a tree contractor, for example, is allowed to enter through the gate. You will still need to initiate the written forms for approval as soon as possible, so that we have a record of what you’ve done and who approved it.
Why is the ARC approval process necessary?
Architectural Review Committees are pretty standard in communities and neighborhoods across the nation.  Homeowners want some reassurance that their neighbors will be held responsible for keeping their property neat and clean, with design and color elements in keeping with the neighborhood ambiance.  They also want assurance that neighboring properties will be built and kept up with a standard quality of materials.
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